Quantum juniors for quantum future.

Our target groups are QJuniors (teenagers) and QTeachers (high or elementary school teachers).

Our activities and projects

The recent workshop

We conducted an online workshop for high school students on quantum computing and programming (using qiskit) in the weekend July 4-5, 2020, which was co-organized by University of Latvia, University of Namibia, University of Turku, and Aion. Please visit the event page for further details.

The previous workshops

We have previously organized two workshops for high school students:

Our youngest diploma awarded participant was a 14 years-old girl.

We will organize more QJunior workshops on regular basis in 2021.

Host us/Join us/Collaborate with us

At the moment, QBronze (our introductory level workshop) is our main event. Please contact our coordinator if one of the following cases fit to your interest or if you have any question or comment.

  • If you would like to host QBronze for a QJunior group.
  • If you would like to host QBronze for a QTeacher group.
  • If you would like to join QJunior as a mentor or educator. Then, we can provide online training by our QEducators, and, you can organize a QBronze by your own team.
  • If you have your own ideas or projects to join QJunior channel.

We are looking for collaborations with people, organizations, and companies sharing the same/similar values and aims in order to strength our ecosystem. Please contact our coordinators if you are interested.

Each member of QJunior, each host, and each collaborator must agree to accept our code of ethics and code of conduct and then respect and follow the codes, rules, and regulations.

Our Team

Coordinator: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (QLatvia)
Contact: qjunior [at] qworld.lu.lv