Education is the best invitation.

Public events

Workshop/Bronze is our first and introductory two-day or three-day long event based on our educational material Bronze. Workshop/Bronze has been organized many times (we expect to handed out nearly 500 diplomas by the end of 2019), and it has proved itself as a successful welcoming event for introducing the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming.

At the moment, we are working on our educational material Silver, the continuation of Bronze. Besides designing a 3rd year course on quantum computing and quantum programming, we plan to make ready a five-day long training camp for QTeacher, QProfessors, QMentors, and QEducators in the first half of 2020.

Besides, as a part of specialization for focused groups, we plan to create a QJunior version of Workshop/Bronze.

Depending on success of our events, we will also develop new projects with specific concept. For example, after the first three Workshop/Bronze, we developed our successful QDrive project, which was implemented in May-July 2019 by driving more than 10.000 km and organizing 11 Workshop/Bronze in the East and Central Europe and the Balkan countries.

Academic events

We are also in preparation of a quantum semester (QSemester). After the first plot QSemester, we plan to organize one-week long summer schools on the basic and promising topics in quantum software already in the second half of 2020.