Education is the best invitation.

  • QWebinars is our webinar series. We focus on scientific and popular topics and inspiring stories mostly from the quantum world and sometimes from the world.
  • QWBronze is our first and introductory two-day or three-day long event based on our educational material Bronze. Workshop/Bronze has been organized many times and we handed out more than 550 diplomas until now, and it has proved itself as a successful welcoming event for introducing the basics of quantum computing and quantum programming.
  • Our first hackathon (QWHack1) was organized by QTurkey on December 14-15, 2019 in Ankara, Turkey. Check our Hackathons page for further details.
  • QHungary organized a quantum programming workshop on November 21-22, 2019 in Budapest as a part of Lectures on Modern Scientific Programming series. Check our QWorkshops page for further details.


At the moment, we are preparing new workshop materials in our QKitchen. By the end of August 2020, we will have our Silver on quantum computing (elementary-level), our introductory materials on Quantum Key Distribution, Quantum Machine learning, and Quantum Error Correction.