Quantum Kitchen (QKitchen) is our public repository for developing and sharing our educational projects, our code, and similar materials. It is open to individuals and groups. 


At the moment, we have two ongoing projects:

  • Basics of Quantum Computing is our repository containing the materials for the basics of quantum computing, the basic quantum algorithms and protocols, and also for teaching how to use available quantum libraries such as Qiskit.
  • QPool2019 is our repository to develop new materials on different topics, which can be used to design new courses on quantum computing, information, and software. We plan to design a quantum semester and a short-term school based on the materials from the pool.

We are in our initialization phase. Over time, we will have new projects to develop new educational materials and tools.

Join us

Joining the existing projects

As an existing project, you can join our QPool2019. Please check first “README.md” file in gitlab repository.

Joining with a new project

One(s) can apply to join QKitchen with a new project proposal, which is revised by our coordinators. You can contact us with your intention and we can discuss about how to proceed and further details.

  • Each group and individual can keep their projects private up to a moment, but it should be public at the end. 
  • The rules of each project is determined by the owner(s)/maintainer(s)/community of the project, which must be approved by the coordinators of QKitchen.

Each member of QKitchen must accept our code of ethics and code of conduct and then respect and follow the codes, rules, and regulations.

Our Team

Coordinators: Adam Glos (QPoland) and Zoltán Zimborás (QHungary)
Contact: qkitchen [at] qworld.lu.lv

Former coordinator: Abuzer Yakaryilmaz (August 2019 – March 2020)